. Las Vegas Backgammon Club 2017 Rules & Regulations

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I - Schedule

A – The 2017 season will commence on Tuesday, Jan. 3, and conclude on Tuesday,

Dec. 19, a total of 51 weeks. Play is planned on Independence Day (7/4) in 2017.

B – The Maxakuli Cup (see Paragraph IV below) will be played on Wednesday, Dec. 20.

II – Tournaments

A - Tournament registration will begin approx. 6:40 PM. Players must be physically present

to register; no telephone registrations will be accepted. Entry fee is $10.00.

B - A random draw will be conducted at 6:55 PM. The initial draw will be “dynamic”, i.e., it

will only define the matches to be played without being mapped to a particular tournament of 16 or 8 players. As matches are completed, the first 8 winners will be mapped to the second round of the first field of 16, in the following order: 1,3,5,7,2,4,6,8. Overflow matches (if there are more than 8 to start) will be mapped as they finish to a second field of 16 or the first field of 8, depending on the number of players available. A late arrival will be eligible for the first field of 16 only if paired against a player in the initial draw who is waiting for an opponent. If 16 players or less are available to start, the draw will be “static”, i.e. mapped directly to the first field of 16.

C - Tournament play will start at 7:00 PM. Matches will be 7 points in length. The Finals

Match in a field of 16 will be 9 points in length. There is no consolation round; losing

players may re-enter the tournament as long as positions are open.

D - Late registrations and re-entries will be accepted as long as there are positions open in a

field of 16 or a field of 8. There are generally positions open until approx. 9:30 PM.

E - The LVBC tournaments are open to all players, but the LVBC reserves the right to

refuse entry to anyone, with no reason required.

III – Ratings System

A – A Ratings List will be maintained for the entire year. The top 8 players at year-end will

qualify for the Maxakuli Cup (see Paragraph IV below).

B – One (1) point will be awarded for the initial tournament entry each week.

C – Three (3) points will be awarded for each 1st and 2nd round match won.

D – Four (4) points will be awarded for each 3rd round match won.

E – Five (5) points will be awarded for each 4th round match won (field of 16 final).

F – Finals matches can be settled, if both players agree. Each finalist is then awarded a half share of the points. If a player reaches any final before the other semi-final has started, that player may force a settlement. A settlement can also be forced for any final that would begin after 12:00 PM. If both players agree, that final can be played.

G – One bonus point will be awarded for each match won in excess of matches lost over the

course of the year.

H – In the event of a tie in the Ratings List, the following tie-breakers apply:

a – Head to Head match records of the tied players.

b – Match winning percentage for the entire year.

I – The top player in the Ratings List at year-end will have his or her name engraved on

the Las Vegas Backgammon Club “Player of the Year” traveling trophy, and is

awarded possession for the following year.

IV – Maxakuli Cup

A – The Maxakuli Cup is a separate tournament conducted at the conclusion of the

Season. The top 8 players in the Ratings List qualify for the tournament. Round 1

of the Maxakuli Cup will begin at 7:00 PM. All matches will be 11 points in length.

B – All participants will be awarded cash prizes based on tournament results and the winner will be awarded possession of a traveling trophy with his or her name

engraved on it. The prize pool will be divided into 22 units. All participants receive 1 unit. 1st round winners receive an additional unit. Semi-Final winners receive 2 additional units. The winner receives 6 additional units.

C – The Maxakuli Cup first round matches will be seeded based on the final Ratings List.

D – In the event one or more top 8 players cannot participate in the Maxakuli Cup, the next available player(s) in the Ratings List will replace the absent player(s). The Cup

will then be reseeded. The replacement player is entitled to any cash prizes won, with

the exception of the participant unit, which will go to the original Top 8 player.

V – Miscellaneous

A – All tournaments are conducted according to the “U.S. Backgammon Tournament Rules

& Procedures, January 2009”, the full text of which is available on the club website.

Transition to the “USBGF Tournament Rules of Sept 2016” may be made during 2017 following 4 weeks notice. Although final rulings in disputes will be made according to the rules, the LVBC encourages all players to remember and practice the precepts of good sportsmanship.

B – No settlements are allowed in matches prior to a Final. In the event a match cannot be

completed, the remaining player will advance to the next round and be awarded the


C – Players are expected to be available for their matches in a timely manner. Delays

brought to the attention of the Tournament Director may result in penalty points for

the offending player at the rate of 1 point for each 5 minutes of delay.

D – Winning players are responsible for reporting the results of their matches promptly.

E – Conceding a match for the sole purpose of re-entering the tournament is considered

to be a major breach of good sportsmanship

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