Las Vegas Backgammon Club

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LVBC July 2022 Player of the Month

Randy Ohel (56.0/5)
LVBC 2021 Maxakuli Cup Champion

Tony Anton
LVBC 2021 Player of the Year

Al Hodis

  • Welcome to the Las Vegas Backgammon Club. We have tournaments at 6 PM every Tuesday evening, any special scheduling information will be clearly posted below. Late entries are usually available (final spot typically sells out between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.). $15 entries $10 reentries, 7 point matches, single elimination. Please bring a board if you have one (if you don't, we have extras).

    The Vegas BG Club venue
    Our club meets at Meepleville Board Game Cafe -- 4704 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702)444-4540 (NE corner of Sahara & Decatur). Here is a reference map for Meepleville.

    • There is no smoking in the main playing room.

    Contact: Call Tony Anton at 702-458-0926 (after 4PM Tue, 702-720-7742) for more information.

  • Upcoming schedule and announcements:

    - The 2021 Maxakuli Cup participants during their first round
    Jack Cohen vs Al HodisTom Elgas vs Brian Hoeft
    Howard Markowitz vs Greg WestTony Anton vs Jim Tighi

    - The club will be dark on Tuesday, December 27, 2022

On September 20, 2022 we had 24 players in attendance.

  • Tournament #1 (16): 1/2-Greg Novak 1/2-Hohnny Jigamian
  • Tournament #2 (16): 1-Greg West 2-Martine Oules
  • Tournament #3 (8): 1/2-Paul Franks 1/2-Dennis McFarlin
  • Tournament #4 (8): 1/2-Rob Thewes 1/2-Randy Ohel
  • Tournament #5 (4): 1/2-Jason Salus 1/2-Denise Quatrale

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Congratulations to Tony Anton for winning the 2021 Maxikuli cup. Tony is our first back-to-back Maxakuli Cup Champion.

Round #1

  • Jack Cohen def Al Hodis
    (11 - 5)
  • Brian Hoeft def Tom Elgas
    (11 - 8)
  • Greg West def Howard Markowitz
    (11 - 4)
  • Tony Anton def Jim Tighi
    (11 - 4)

Round #2 (semi-finals)

  • Jack Cohen def Brian Hoeft
    (11 - 3)
  • Tony Anton def Greg West
    (11 - 6)

Round #3 (finals)

  • Tony Anton def Jack Cohen
    (11 - 0)

United States Backgammon Rules - 2019.

Las Vegas Backgammon Club Rules - Updated for 2022.

2022 Standings - September 20

Top 8 qualify for the LVBC Tournament of Champions

Year Standings:
1.Al Hodis459.5
2.Dennis McFarlin318.5
3.Howard Markowitz301.5
4.Tom Elgas285.5
5.Greg West273.0
6.Ron Wertheim268.0
7.Tony Anton265.5
8.Brian Hoeft258.0
9.Ash Boorboor257.5
10.Jack Cohen233.5

September Month Standings:
1.Greg West40.5
2.Al Hodis34.0
3.Tom McEvoy34.0
4.Denise Quatrale31.0
5.Martine Oules31.0
6.Dennis McFarlin25.0
7.Jason Salus22.5
8.Two tied at:20.0

2022 season ends on Dec. 22.
Maxakuli Cup will be on Wed., Dec. 23.

Player of the month for past 12 months
Jul 2022Ash Boorboor(44.0/4)
Jun 2022Al Hodis(50.0/4)
May 2022Ash Boorboor(55.5/5)
Apr 2022Al Hodis(32.5/3)
Mar 2022Tom Elgas(79.0/5)
Feb 2022Al Hodis(49.5/4)
Jan 2022Al Hodis(58.5/4)
Dec 2021Greg West(34.0/3)
Nov 2021Al Hodis & Howard Markowitz(60.5/5)
Oct 2021Al Hodis(48.0/4)
Sep 2021Al Hodis(41.5/4)
Aug 2021Dennis McFarlin(56.0/5)

1000 to 1 Club 2022

Club members winning 10 or more matches in a row in 2022
Feb 2  Al Hodis11
Mar 8  Mary Franks10
Mar 29  Tom Elgas11

VegasBG 1000 to 1 Club Members